Longer distance wifi
Nebraska Sandhiller
Posted 11/11/2020 23:31 (#8601621)
Subject: Longer distance wifi

NNW Nebraska
I presently use nanoststion loco m2's to send our internet from a solar powered, cell phone home internet unit, over the hill to our houses.
We are maxing out the cell plan and it gets expensive & slow when we go over.

Dsl. Is available about 3 miles, line of site, from where our home internet unit is. It would probably be faster and unlimited at less cost.

Would the nanostations work that far or would something else be better. Would the two units, back to back interfere with each others sensitivity?

Or should I use m5's for this point to point link.

This is a rural area, so nearest neighbor wifi signals, other than ours, would be 3 miles plus so I wouldn't expect outside interference .
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