Thunderbolt 4 new this year
Posted 10/28/2020 09:46 (#8571287)
Subject: Thunderbolt 4 new this year

This is an article about Thunderbolt 4 being introduced. It is dated Jul 2020.

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The main thing that I like is that it will support dual 4K or 8K displays. This maybe the reason it is so hard to find Thunderbolt 3 adapters that will support dual 4K at 60 Hz easily. A lot of TB3 at 30 Hz. See below for more information.

Intel doubles the minimum bandwidth to 40Gbps in the Thunderbolt 4 specification. That contrasts with the 20Gbps on Thunderbolt 3, which allows manufacturers to cut corners during implementation, failing to take advantage of the full 40Gbps bandwidth. But now, each certified Thunderbolt 4 device must support 40Gbps speeds, so there are no compromises here.

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