Is this all we have to look forward to?
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Subject: RE: Is this all we have to look forward to?

S.C. Wisconsin
hillclimber - 5/20/2020 21:14

eastndfarmer - 5/20/2020 19:43

Continue to plant and hope?

Similar to "milk & hope".
I quit milking cows because there was no money doing it anymore at my level.
Drive across Wisconsin and see the billions of dollars of rotting dairy infrastructure that won't ever earn another dime.
I just hope that is not what is in store for a lot of smaller grain farmers with these low prices and huge surpluses.
Uncle Sam can't/won't dole out free money every season to keep farmers overproducing.
We have to let the market balance supply with demand again.
The free government money will probably be used to add more cows to the dairies. So the processors will still have a low cost supply of milk.
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