Influenza: Deaths update...
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Subject: RE: Influenza: Deaths update...

LPaulson7 - 3/26/2020 14:30

Alot of those people you are talking about willing volunteered for that, I dont think people are volunteering to contract the coronavirus.

You must have your head stuck in the sand, its not just 80 year olds. A 36 year old principal with no health conditions and great physical shape died yesterday from covid19, a nurse in new york died yesterday who was in good shape. So your argument about it only affecting older people is very incorrect.

I was at a loss for a response to this.

You think because soldiers volunteered that somehow lessens their suffering and horror and battle fatigue? You think that parents and wives back home didn't feel a hole in their gut when they got the news of their child or husband and father of their child? You think mothers and fathers didn't feel like their entire lives were now wasted because their children were all dead? And in your selfish mind you can somehow minimize this loss when compared to the loss of a sick or old person on a ventilator? Because "they volunteered and they knew what they were getting into?

By this sick, twisted logic, the loss of the nurse isn't tragic because she volunteered to become a nurse.

And for the record, I have yet to see any reports that indicate healthy people are dying. I suspect they weren't all that healthy...probably smokers...and they never tell you the BMI.... but I'm not there and I'm certainly not going to throw stones at the dead may they RIP.

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