Stock Kinze 2600 16R, needs row shut offs
Posted 1/11/2019 22:09 (#7238826)
Subject: Stock Kinze 2600 16R, needs row shut offs

SW Iowa, Clarinda
I am interested in upgrading my 16row kinze 2600 to some row shut offs....currently can only shut off left or right 8....and I am currently using Ag Express color monitor and like it....most important is durability, which makes me lean toward Ag leader sure stops....but cost is very quoted $320/row for clutches plus $10k in monitor and electinics......I have also considered ag Express 's manual shut off switch box.....manually operated by operator.....
E-drives seem even more expensive
I would consider buying used equipment as long as it performs.....
Just wondering what you guys would steer me towards.....
Fwiw... around 900 acres corn planted annually...50% point row terraces, 50% gently sloping or flat bottoms
And we also use my dads 8 row kinzie in the terraces
Thanks in advance
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