What would another recession do to the Ag economy?
Posted 12/4/2018 22:24 (#7149457 - in reply to #7149448)
Subject: RE: triggered by (d) chuck u schumer in 2008

sbark - 12/4/2018 22:18

His casual statement about Indy bank started the meltdown, supported by the dems " owning a house is a right" community banking laws, topped off by Clinton repeal of glass- seagull act

Today's leftists would gladly orchestrate another meltdown to derail trump in any way possible
...and they have so many weapons in place: Fannie Mae again, salie mae, ss/ Medicare, education, ....any could be used to trigger a crash

You do understand that a republican congress pushed the repeal of Glass/Stegall in the name of banking deregulation. It's funny how we seem to have more economic busts when the GOP is in charge.
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