Gas Caddy?
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Subject: RE: Gas Caddy?

Southeast Nebraska
Had one. Didn't like it. too heavy to lift around to take it to town when you wanted to fill it at least after you filled it. And didn't actually hold enough to do any good. seems like our lawn mower and transfer pump gas use has gone up to about 20 gallon a week and a caddy was kind of inconvenient for that. the L-shaped pickup diesel barrels are everywhere as they don't hold enough for for most Farmers anymore. I put a couple of pieces of 2 by 6 tubing under 1 so that it was easy to move with the pallet Forks. Put a cage around the El area to set the two-stroke cans and the half a dozen two and a half gallon cans that seem to be necessary for nursing all of the transfer pumps that are around this place now when they're not needed. Small electric transfer pump suitable for gas was less than $100. That beats a hand pump. Modify or use whatever fits your needs I just didn't like the gas caddy.

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