Trimble won’t read rate
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Subject: RE: Trimble won’t read rate

OK, Ill see what I can do...

The Red/White wire is Flow Meter 5V+
The White is flow meter signal
The Black/White is Flow Meter Ground-

It's running the servo and isn't giving other errors so we will guess firmware versions and wiring to and probably from the rate module are OK.

1)Is the flow meter set up properly, as in a Raven is chosen in the setup screen?
2)Is the pulses per gallon correct for the valve (starting point), and it is listed as giving as adding the 10 multiplier? 3)Before it gives the error is there ACTUALLY flow before it gets pissy and shuts things down? I'll bet that is a yes there.
4)Is the material assignment correct as in is it reading the correct meter cal on the 'Material Assignment' page? On that page, you can either to read the cal number for the flow meter either form the material (under 'Material Setup'), OR from the rate setup page.
5)Did you do a flow calibration from the FIQ Calibration page?
6)Is it a sprayer or N rig? If it has a lift switch, is it calibrated? I have had trouble calibrating things if the lift switch hasn't been calibrated first.
7)Are BOTH fuses for the module good? You can check the output side of the Octopus Harness (Either P2 or R2 connector, I can't remember which is at the end of the line. I'm sure they are, It's just something to rule out.
8)Is there a terminator on the end of the CAN line, either P1 or R1 (can't remember which)?
9)Under FIQ Diagnostics, it says all is good with hardware? It should say 'Master Is Off', and everything else is 'Connected'.
10)Is the power wire for FIQ going all the way TO THE BATTERIES of what this setup is on?

Check the wires on the Rate Module numbers C1, C2, &C3. These are in the big connector on the module. It's a letter-number setup, A1-2-3, B1-2-3, etc. Letters are across the connector, A-K, numbers 1-3 for each. Maybe a pin is faulty there.

Pop the white wire from the end going INTO the triangle connector from the flow meter and run it and read the voltage between ground and that wire to see if the needle on the meter moves. To pull a Deutsch female apart, remove the little 6 sided orange retainer inside the socket of the terminal, and take a small flat screwdriver or other tool and unlock the clip retainer while pulling gently on the wire from behind. I have had Raven connectors fail at the twist lock connector before (also corrosion). They get cut off and replaced with Weather Pack ends.

Let me know how it goes...

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