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swenzel - 6/11/2018 13:34

The Integra is compatible with Ontrac2, Ontrac2+ and also the Ontrac3. There is no unlock required to run the Integra with the Ontrac steering system. The only other additional item you will need to run Ontrac2+ is a gps that is capable of at least 5HZ. Most common Ag Leader GPS that you might use with this combination would be the 1500, 1600, 2500, 6000, or 6500 GPS. All of these units are capable of 5hz.

To simply use the Integra as a planter monitor you do not need any unlocks. You will however need either a Planter Monitor Module referred to as a "PMM" (used to replace Kinze KPM) or a Seed Tube Monitoring Module referred to a "STMM". If your planter is NOT Kinze, then most likely what you would need would be a STMM.

The Ag Leader Integra comes standard with auto-swath unlocked on it. You would want/need auto-swath if you ever wanted to run row clutches on the planter, or if you ever wanted to automatically control starter fertilizer on/off on the end rows.

The only unlock you might want/need on the Integra for planter would be a 'muliti-product' unlock. If you wanted to do a split planter application (right side is hybrid A and left side is hybrid B) the multi-product unlock would be required. If you had two hydraulic drives (left side / right side) a multi-product unlock would be required.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I will be using the monitor on a 6 row jd 7000 and also a kinze 11 row double frame. So it sounds like I'll need both modules. Will my current 3 wire sensors work or do I need to replace the sensors. All 17 rows use the same sensor.

Also, will the ontrac2+ mount to a case 2590/ gleaner r62?

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