Raven nh3 controller
Posted 1/10/2018 07:28 (#6493391 - in reply to #6491894)
Subject: RE: Raven nh3 controller

Southern Minnesota Between Freeborn & Wells
It did not come that way from Raven. Here's a thought, as you have found all the wires that are needed are present in the 16 pin connector. This includes power/ground. It is quite common for the power pin on the tractor side to get corroded. I believe this happens in the off season since that pin is wired "hot" and corrosion takes place between it and and a neighboring ground pin.

My thought is that this may have happened to the previous owner and they just wired in another power source to go around the bad connector on the tractor. Since the split loom can be opened, I would open it up and find where that yellow and white wire go. If they are spliced onto a red and white wire then my suspicion is likely correct. If they splice to other wires report back their color. Maybe this yellow and white wire just come out on the other end for something as simple as an implement light. In Raven's color scheme green and yellow are used for the control valve.
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