JD 9600 Variable Speed Cylinder question -EDITED
Posted 6/30/2008 08:02 (#407189 - in reply to #406597)
Subject: RE: JD 9600 Variable Speed Cylinder question -EDITED

Beresford SD
Your edit is correct.   BUT - if the bushings in the pulleys have worn, there can be some movement of the outer pulley section relative to the inner (very slight), which at full rpm over a long enough time - can wear off the end of the actuator barrel.   We had one that got the barrel to turn within the bore, no way to tell that is happening unless you take it apart.   If your old barrel had a groove worn in it the steel "dust" from that process is riding around in the grease on the variable slides, wearing the bushings.   I would remove the pin, pull the outer half of the pulley off and clean it all out, check the bushings for wear.
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