Possibly the dumbest analogy ever
Posted 7/31/2014 08:03 (#3994561)
Subject: Possibly the dumbest analogy ever

1234 - 7/30/2014 11:14
Take Farmpro for example. He has apparently adopted the marketing strategy of selling the paper. He probably has significant storage, is aware of the generous carry and plans to sell corn later next year. He has every incentive to want the price in Dec. be be as low as possible. That way his Dec profit will be maximized. The problem is his strategy depends entirely on the misfortune of other farmers. But his strategy doesn't work or work as well unless the farmers are completely demoralized and capitulate. Hence the psychological war of words.
His strategy isn't illegal, may not even be immoral but is certainly selfish and ungenerous.
So what to do? Just remember that you still have some say about the price of corn this year. It isn't a settled question or foregone conclusion despite what they want you to believe.
For what it's worth. Sorry for the polemic.

PS: Farmpro, please don't take offense. I don't know if anything I said above actually applies to you but you were a convenient straw man for my argument because I know just how strongly some readers feel about your recent posts. A rhetorical device if you will. I apologize,....well, sort of.

No offense 1234 but this is plain dumb to think me hedging my own crop on the board and through Hedge to Arrive's is selfish and ungenerous.

I'm sorry but I felt this needed brought to the top to discuss.
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