Organic/non-gmo farming
Posted 2/8/2014 17:27 (#3673942 - in reply to #3673345)
Subject: RE: Organic/non-gmo farming

$$ Here. Not concerned at this point about the argument of non vs. gmo. Eggs were good, then they were bad, and now back to good. Milk was always good, few years ago, they decided you should be drinking soy or rice milk, but then they decided gmo soys were no good. Eat red meat, don't eat it, eat nothing but white or fish! It changes with the danged wind. Grew some non-gmo this year for the premiums. Feels pretty good hauling corn right now 50 cents higher than some other I sold. However, my contract was a jan-mar buyers call as they load it on barges, weather hasn't been the greatest and some weeks you get one barge and once this winter have had two in one week. Turn-around time on the barge generally limits us to one load per day to the barge. (usually full and tugs are pulling it out by noon, don't start taking until 7.) I'm going to get all the non-gmo I contracted outta here by the contract deadline, but I don't particularly like the call deal. Noone's fault but my own, so won't do that again. I'd have to crunch numbers real hard to figure if the slight yield hit makes up for itself in premiums enough to justify. I know it's making a little, but not sure it's enough to make the hassle pay.
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