FM750 problem
Posted 12/4/2012 22:11 (#2733366)
Subject: FM750 problem

Northern Darling Downs, Queensland, Australia
I have an FM750 running on RTK. This screen was previously in a combine running autopilot and doing a good job when last used in August. I have taken the screen out and put it in my sprayer for the first time to use only as guidance (no steering). It picks up 8 satellites ( shows 5 green bars top left of screen) and picks up my base (the CMR age is 100%) all with no problems. Can go into the information and find the long and lat and watch it change as i move the sprayer. Problem is, when I'm on the main run screen the triangle that shows the vehicle position won't move when I drive around in the machine. When I try to set up an AB line, I press the button to mark point 'A' and a message comes up saying that there is no GPS position. When I select a saved line it just comes back to the main screen and acts as if i haven't selected a swath at all. I can't figure it out. The screen has not beeen updated since last use and is running an old version. Can anyone help me out??? TIA.
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