Torn & others will know the answer to these...
Posted 12/4/2012 20:14 (#2733158)
Subject: Torn & others will know the answer to these...

Intelliview 4 / Pro 700

1. Operator listing.

The information that was placed on my data card, was loaded by the customer (grower) as it contained some of the guidance lines & fields, we required for harvest.  Mine was not the only card set up this way.  I don't know what process was used to achive this apart from using the PLM software. I feel there was some errors in this process as I have some data from others combines, some seeding data etc. etc. etc.  Obviously, the parameters set to import in the PLM to card process, were not correct.

On the Intelliveiw 4, I set the operator up as me & named my machine so as to distinquish between the 4 machines for later analysis.

Harvest completed.  Loaded data into PLM software & there is no "operator" for the 2012 season when I pull up the "operator report".  There is no name for the combine - apart from the NH code. If I pull up the "resourse usage report" I can see the operator(s) - there should only be one, but there is two ???? - & different names???  How can I fix this up?  Do I have take the card back to the machine & pull up every field, make sure the operator is set correctly, name the combine again etc.etc etc.?

2. Guidance Lines.

As there is more than one machine in the field, obviously, it is very important that we have the exact same guidance lines. In the process the grower undertook to place all the guidance lines on each data card for the combines, there are some (guidance lines) missing.  I don't know how or why that happened, as I was not there when that process was undertaken.  As this is so, if one or two of the combines have the correct AB line & we know the degrees of heading by reading the info tab, I summise that the machine that has not got the correct guidance lines, could select "heading" - edit the degrees of heading to be the same as the other machines, then line that machine up with the correct "swath 1" line of the current correct machines, hit "set to current" & that then should then say: "swath 1" on your machine.  You have to have the machine pointing in the exact same direction as the others, otherwise the swath 2R for example, could be on the opposite side of everyone elses machine.  It is vital that every machine in the field has the exact same listing of swath numbers, as the fields are often 3k's long, with hills in the middle - you don't want to harvest down a swath line for 1.5k's to meet some other machine on your same line coming in the opposite direction!

Hope that makes sense for every one to comment.

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