Report and pictures from our cover crop field day
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Subject: Report and pictures from our cover crop field day


After postponing our cover crop field day for one week due to hurricane Sandy, i wasn't sure how many could readjust schedules. Turned out most of the original speakers were able to be here, the weather cooperated, and we had a nice sunny but very windy day! A little over 200 attended from 14 states. Highlights were the demos: helicopter aerial seeding, planting into green cover crops with Charlie Martins cover crop roller integrated into a corn planter(see-, Kinze brush meters in JD 7000 for precision planting of cover crop mixes, and drills with aftermarket updates to better accomodate cover crop planting. 3- 8 ft wide X 3 feet deep soil pits allowed good viewing of the soil profile with various cover crop roots planted during the summer and early fall. Alot of fresh data focused on the concept of using shorter season corn hybrids as a strategy to plant cover crops sooner was reviewed. I plan to put post that data here on AgTalk soon. PSU had their rainfall simulator here and David Brandt, farmer from Ohio, was the morning featured speaker to talk about his 40 years of cover crop successes and how using cover crop mixes dramatically reduces his need for fertilizer- that was interesting and provided a lively debate!
For me personally, I have come to appreciate how many different ways farmers are incorporating cover crops into their cropping systems. It doesn't seem to be size or cash crop related. There were backyard gardeners as well as an agromomist who oversees 40,000 acres of sugar cane who attended in addition to the traditional corn/bean, livestock, and vegetable farmers. Below are pictures with some explaination on each. 

(Dave Brandt speaking to the audience -.jpg)

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(Dr Ray Weil kneeling in soil pit.jpg)

(planter lineup north.jpg)

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(cover crop cafe discussions.jpg)

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