iPad Based Record Keeping Software
Posted 11/4/2012 21:06 (#2678639)
Subject: iPad Based Record Keeping Software

North Mississippi

Looking for a little info.

If you could design the perfect record keeping system for your farm what would it include. What items would you want to be able to review a year later? I am working with the iCropTrak Software (map based data entry system), and designing a system that can be customized to each specific customer. I am racking my brain, but want to ask for your help. What items do you record daily when you record what you have done.

As I have the software set up, it will have a farmer's specific variety choices (and only those he chooses) set up as a drop down list. The same would be true for the chemicals they use specifically on their farm. Equipment owned by the farmer is specifically listed also.

Below I listed some things that I have setup so far, but am looking for things I may have missed.

-planting date
- crop

-lot number
-seed size & shape (corn)
-seed per bag

-Planter used
-Planter Settings
-what settings?

-Action? On/Off
-Irrigation Type - Flood, Furrow, Pivot, None
-Amount Applied
-I will be able to display on the map the days since last irrigation using the software also.

-tractor, driver, implement?

-Method (crop duster, self propelled sprayer, hooded sprayer on tractor)
-Carrier Volume/A
-Chemical (x4) - I can't think of many times you will tank mix more than 4 chemicals
-Units & Rate

-application method - in furrow, side dress, spreader truck, etc
-incorporated? yes/no

Also, what would you do with the data at the end of the year? Or during the year? Would you use this as a budget tool? As an expense tracker? Record equipment hours and maintenance? Profitablility map based on yield, expenses, and an average market price?

Just looking for some ideas to make this the most helpful software, and easiest to use I can.


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