I phone 8
Posted 2/24/2023 15:33 (#10110788)
Subject: I phone 8

I hope this is the right place for this, if not, I'm sorry. I need to sign in with my apple ID to add an app and who knows what else to make this phone happy. It keeps asking me to sign in but it won't accept the Id that I wrote down to make sure I had the correct ID to get into the phone. I have never used or entered a 6 digit passcode, don't want one. Now it tells me to enter my 6 digit passcode to sign in. I didn't enter a passcode, I don't know where it got it from. My daughter has tried several things to get into it but failed. Sounds like the only alternative is to wipe the phone and start over. I can download pictures to my computer so the only thing I'll loose is my phone contacts. Looks like my weekend will be writing down every number in my phone so I can reenter after it's wiped clean. Anybody else been thru this mess??? Chris
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