Residential electrical issue
Posted 1/27/2023 16:51 (#10063625 - in reply to #10059860)
Subject: RE: Residential electrical issue

Leesburg, Ohio
I agree 100% with Wildbuckwheat's response.
Unless you mis-typed something, it sounds to me like everything is normal.
IF you are testing with multimeter between a hot 120v source (I assume that's what you meant by "line") and the LP line (which would serve as a ground if it is a copper line that is buried somewhere along its route to the tank) you SHOULD get 120v. That does not mean the range frame is electrified.
Maybe you need a qualified electrician to check things out if you don't know much about electrical wiring...?

You can determine if the range frame is electrified by connecting your meter between the range frame and a ground. That should read no volts.
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