Residential electrical issue
Posted 1/26/2023 06:52 (#10060621 - in reply to #10060197)
Subject: RE: Residential electrical issue

Floyd County, Iowa
Trint - 1/25/2023 20:59

Your description confuses me, you should get 120v from line to the LP line as the LP line should be grounded. If you are getting 120V from LP line to neutral or ground then you have a problem. In this case I would check your neutral wires from the transform on. Is your voltage equal on each side of the 220V, if it is unequal this is an indication of bad neutral. With a bad neutral electricity will find funny ways to get back to ground, went thru this in my parents house turned out to be a corroded joint in the overhead triplex.

Yes, he has the information written pretty confusing.
If I read it right, he's saying that the copper propane (LP or liquid propane) gas "pipe" coming into the house for the stove is electrified. He's calling that the "LP line".
I could be wrong, but that's how I'm reading it. Others here are also taking it as it's incoming electrical "lines". Hopefully he clarifies it.
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