Who makes A&I engine rebuild kits ?
Posted 1/26/2023 06:54 (#10060626 - in reply to #10059820)
Subject: RE: Who makes A&I engine rebuild kits ?

Jeffersonville, OH
How many overhaul kit makers are left? Most are using Reliance now, because that's about all you can get. Maxi-Force does have lots for Deere and Cummins, but they are lacking in variety last I looked. Thought Howards went out of business a few years back?

Reliance I have had pretty good luck with what we have used, probably as good as getting Cummins parts right from Cummins...Chinese Cummins now! I will second the gasket comment, depending on what it is. Some gaskets are fine, others, eh. Their rear main for an AC 426 engine doesn't fit right, so we stopped trying them and went back to AGCO.

Used Maxi-Force a couple times, and seemed good.

Engine parts are going to be TOUGH to get in a few years I'm afraid...
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