Ford versatile 946 steiger
Posted 1/25/2023 15:41 (#10059559)
Subject: Ford versatile 946 steiger

Wardview, LA
Ford versatile 946 steiger - I am looking at one of these tractors versus a Steiger ST270. The ST270 appears to be ok but kinda rough. The versatile 946 has an electronic shifting issue on the powershift that I am hoping someone has experienced before. When you stopped from a pull, it sometimes wouldn't go back in gear from neutral. You can here the clutch kick in, but no go. After it sat sideling or shut off for a few minutes, it would shift again. It seemed to always shift right after the alternator kicked back out after a restart. That leads me to believe it has something to do with voltage in the shifter. Anyone had this problem and been able to correct it?
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