Keeping Corn from bouncing out of hopper/auger
Posted 1/25/2023 14:51 (#10059458)
Subject: Keeping Corn from bouncing out of hopper/auger

We have a 10" auger set up right now to load our truck and move corn to town out of the bin. We have a slotted unload with motor on the outside that dumps corn into the poly hopper that the auger sits in. But this year it's been a mess. Corn is hitting the hopper and auger and bouncing out everywhere all over the ground and I'd like to stop it. Not likely costing a bunch of money but it makes for a mess at the bin site not to mention somehow that corn takes root in the gravel over summer and I have to fight it.

What all has everyone used between your bin unload and the auger to keep corn from spilling/bouncing out of your poly hopper?

I've been thinking about anything from tarps, to some rubber mats bolted all the way around the poly hopper, to even buying a specialty "hopper topper" that fits everything neatly but costs $475. What all has everyone else done?
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