Quonset building
Posted 1/25/2023 18:09 (#10059853 - in reply to #10059729)
Subject: RE: Quonset building

chirpfarm - 1/25/2023 17:07

Our quonshut serve a purpose, but I hate them. Would not want a new one unless possibly on a tall stem wall.

Agreed, we have a 44 x106' quonset with full concrete floor that was built back in the late '40s. In the days of the Hs & Ms and appropriate sized equipment it was a great tool shed You could back equipment up against each side & have enough room to hook onto something & pull it out the middle. At one time one end had a corn crib in it, later removed & used to store hay bags. Today's equipment don't fit worth a crap. Equipment has to be stored 3-4' away from the walls at the floor & will almost touch up higher. Lucky to get two pieces in side by side unless one is a smal piece of equipment. Like above poster said, you need a stem wall.

In another post someone mentioned storm durability. That hasn't been our case. Building has been through several major storms that destroyed other buildings in the are. Only damaged it has sustained was damage to one sheet of metal and had a 24'×13' overhead door, that I had installed in 19974, destroyed in a wind storm. Not sure how it would have done f built on a stem wall instead of bolted to a concrete foundation.
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