Rear Wheel Seal on Boxcar Magnum
Jim Naden
Posted 1/25/2023 12:16 (#10059132 - in reply to #10059049)
Subject: RE: Rear Wheel Seal on Boxcar Magnum

Southeastern Tipton County, Indiana

schmid94 - 1/25/2023 12:30 Left rear wheel seal was leaking, have it torn apart to the seal, and had a couple questions. Is it necessary to drain transmission to do this? Maybe halfway or something? Also, how hard would I have to lift on bare axle to check bearing play? Lifting pretty hard(rocking the tractor slightly), I can’t feel anything. Thanks!

The bearings are adjusted to a preload so any measurable movement is too much.

You didn't say which model or how many hours which would be more useful than using that stupid nickname.

I never drain the oil but I have ways to easily raise it high enough to stop the dribbles. You might want to drain 5-10 gallons out to stop the dribbles. 

There was an updated multi lip seal that required a Heavy wear ring to be installed over the standard wear surface. This new ring will protrude out from the standard ring a noticeable amount. 

Make sure you are getting the correct parts.

see Service Bulletin S-4988 

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