A B lines
Posted 1/31/2023 18:56 (#10071171 - in reply to #10057276)
Subject: RE: A B lines

Southeast Nebraska

Schuerman Farms - 1/24/2023 14:35 Here in the land of square or rectangular fields, have three autosteer lines saved for planting: 1. Headland 1 (straight or curve, depending on field) 2. Headland 2 (straight or curve, depending on field) 3. Main field (always straight heading) Sprayer is a multiple of planter so no different lines needed. Right or wrong, the only two uses for my boundaries is section control and accurate knowledge of true field size. It's extremely rare for me to use a boundary as an autosteer reference and then only if I don't have the same lines defined as above for tillage. YMMV.

Damn that must be boring!

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