What's the secret to a good nights sleep
Posted 1/25/2023 20:52 (#10060179 - in reply to #10056855)
Subject: RE: What's the secret to a good nights sleep

Not sure of your situation , but for a long time I had a very similar situation. My kids and other people I knew slept with a fan on. I never understood why and it made no sense to me.. until about 6 -8 months ago. One night I put a fan in the room and put it on low. Slept pretty well so I continued for a few nights. I am getting close to 60 and have tried a few times off and on to sleep without the fan. I end up getting up and turning it on. Its pointed at the wall and not directly at me. It is a habit now . They tell me its the "white noise" and it blocks out any small noises . Not sure if it would help you or not. Best of luck
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