trimble ez 500 radar output
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Subject: RE: trimble ez 500 radar output

Near Intersection of I-35 & I-90 Southern Mn.
I have found that in many cases just using a single wire as you suggest works. In other cases, I needed to use the ground wire also. This depends on whether the signal ground is already tied to the common ground.

First, I would attempt using a single wire and adjusting the settings. The speed shown on the planter monitor will be a combination of the Hz output you choose on the Trimble side and the speed cal you choose on the planter monitor side. In other words, various "pairs" will work. If you get action but the speed is incorrect, changing one or the other and trial & error should allow you to fine tune the speed shown on the planter monitor to get it to agree with the Trimble. You need the speed shown on the planter monitor to be correct so the area and thus the population is calculated correctly. Seems like I used a value of around 57HZ in the Trimble and what I was used before on the planter monitor as a starting pair.

If this is not successful then try using the ground wire also. The 12V power source from the module to a real radar gun is not needed and should not be connected at all since it might cause confusion and possible damage.

You can check the pinout coming from the planter monitor. As I recall Pin 1 is ground, Pin 2 is signal and Pin 3 is ground. Putting a meter between the various pins should confirm which pin does what.

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