How to write a lime Prescription in SMS
Posted 1/23/2023 17:31 (#10055587 - in reply to #10055084)
Subject: RE: How to write a lime Prescription in SMS

I guess that is part of my hang up. How do I convert bpH to ENM.

Someone has told me: (7-bpH)*5 )*2,000 then take that answer times 0.4. This seems to get me some scarily high numbers but I can't find any other calculation methods.

Do I just do that math manually and enter the the ranges. If bpH= 6.5 then I need 2,000 lbs of ENM? Or is there a better way?

It seems I will have to write two equations and save the one with total ENM and then write another equation based analysis from that layer where I can account for the actual ENM of the lime.

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