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Subject: RE: Retired precision equipment list

Im now since 30 years active in this business....

My first GPS receifer was an 6 channel Motorola oncore! Price was in 1993 2200 US$ just for the receifer chipset.......

I did keep from every unit what I have ever sold one copy here. Sometimes I can open a littel museum about GNSS and precission Farming history ;-)

The question about what is "old" and what is latest technologie its not so easy to answwer!

The question should be: When was the date (year) of development of the "different toys"!?

So a 10 year old Tool can be still quite actuall when it was 10 years ago a brand new development!

so in real, it doesnt realy matter how old. There are still e.g. GPS reciefers as brand new on sale which tchnique is 15 years and more old!!!!

And there are e.g. precission agriculture controllers/terminals as actual and brand new on the market which are on 10 years and older developments!

we are moving now strongly (since ca. 2 years) in a situation of "incombatibility of agriculture electronics"!

Original plan was in 1995 the ISOBUS, to have every implement compatible to the any (tractor) terminal... And the original plan was to have to and out off all terminals/controllers the same Data format....

The reality, as most a bit experienced user see, has moved for the mayjority of farmers to real desaster!

Ok, some farmers like this to play around with cables etc. But in my opinion it can not be farmers job in future to be an micro electronican....!??!
A farmers job is to grow foods and feeds! And teh Industrie should give farmers tools and toys to produce foods and feeds more efficient!

If neccesarry, I can list up incompatibility here!

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