Kinze 4900 Height Switch?
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Subject: RE: Kinze 4900 Height Switch?

Near Intersection of I-35 & I-90 Southern Mn.
My first planter that required an implement switch used the whisker type. It worked quite well but did have some problems due to corrosion from starter fertilizer. I replaced it once.

My current planter uses two Deere unit mounted push button type switches with an Ag Leader system. Although the planter has some of these switches already installed for Deere's purposes, I resisted the temptation to try to use them with the Ag Leader also. I installed two separate new switches from Deere for the Ag Leader. The switches are wired in parallel with one mounted on each wing of my 24 row Deere 1770NT. The Deere switches are the Normally Closed type and the push button gets pushed when the planter frame is raised which allows the units to drop to their mechanical limit where they push the button in which breaks the circuit. This means that the circuit should be completed unless both row units are resting on their mechanical stops and pushing the buttons in.

Because the switches are Normally Closed and wired in parallel, if one switch should drop into a waterway and depress the button, the other switch will still be closed and planting continues. If the planter frame is raised then both switches are depressed breaking the circuit and planting stops.

I also have a third "Manual Override" switch in the tractor cab. It is wired in parallel with the two implement switches. That means any one of the three can complete the circuit. It is a lighted type so when illuminated indicates that the circuit is complete. In normal operation this switch is in the OFF position but the indicator still indicates the status of the circuit. This means if I have any doubt about the status of the implement switches I can observe this indicator.

I can manually flip the Manual Override switch to ON for testing or some unusual situations. Normally the Manual Switch would be in the OFF position so the actual implement switches are in control. Our fields are quite flat and don't have any major obstacles such as waterways but using two button switches has worked well for me.

With that being said, Ag Leader does offer a high quality whisker type switch that can be used instead and is based on frame movement. It comes wired with two pigtails. One is Normally Open and the other is Normally Closed. This gives the installer a choice as to mounting and how the switch needs to behave. You simply try one or the other until you find the one that works correctly for your situation.

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