Drone mapping software-Drone Deploy?
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Subject: RE: Drone mapping software-Drone Deploy?

It depends on how much $$$ you can justify spending. If you only want to spend the $60 or so on drone deploy every month and slowly load everything to their cloud so it can be processed on their servers than that's probably the best option, but if you can figure out how to justify spending $4,000 on a perpetual license of Pix4D Fields (which I haven't been able to do yet) then I would recommend doing that. In my most humble opinion Pix4D Fields has got it figured out. All the stitching is done locally on your hardware and really doesn't need a top of the line computer to run it (although it would help). I used their 30 day free trial (which I extended to 60 days by emailing them) in spring of 2022 and really liked it. I compared it to Drone Deploy, and the total processing time for the Pix4D was about the same as the upload time of the 500 pictures to drone deploys platform. If you really like having stuff on the cloud you can upload your finished field to Pix4D Cloud, which I did and really liked. As for planning flights, that also depends on that drone you are using. Any of DJI's "Pro" drones work with the DJI Pilot app which has mapping mission planning included in the app. Any non-pro drone I think works with Pix4D's mapping app, but I didn't really like Pix4D's app so I went with the Pilot app.

Attached below are some example PDFs that I exported before the trial ended. Hope this helps!

(Screenshot 2023-01-05 182619 (full).jpg)

(Screenshot 2023-01-05 182528 (full).jpg)

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