Somebody to move an auger from SD to MN
Posted 9/23/2022 09:09 (#9857506)
Subject: Somebody to move an auger from SD to MN

Southern MN

I bought a Westfield MKX 130-84 from an auction company in SD.  SD charges sales tax unless I take delivery in my home state of MN.  It makes more sense to pay for delivery than pay sales tax, diesel, and time.  The catch here is that I need a Bill of Lading showing delivery, so it can't just be anyone with a truck looking to make a little cash, needs to be legit transporter.  Total distance is 250 miles.  Shortest route is taking I90 the majority of those miles but I'm not suggesting that is the best route.  The specs on the auger state the wheel base at 146" and transport height of 13' and length 84'.  Would like it moved in the next few days.

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