Case 7150 combine software issues?
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Subject: RE: Case 7150 combine software issues?

Holly Hill, SC
I have two month old 6150 with plenty of minor software issues. Would like your opinion on if you have these same issues. In regards to yield monitor mine is far from perfect but not issues like yours. I usually successfully calibrate all my machines based on tank volume. "300" bushel tank I calibrate to 275 bushels. I start a calibration load and fill my tank and read the bushel count. If it reads 240, take (275/240) x measured weight and enter this value in the actual weight. I do this with low, medium, and high flow harvesting. I reset my bushel counter after each load and confirm yield accuracy based on how close each full load is near the 275 bushel mark. On my 2588 and 5088 this method works great. Every load throughout the season with varying moisture and yields display bushel counts within + or - 15 bushels of known tank capacity. This new 6150 is + or - 100 bushels. I have probably delete or added 25 different calibration loads. I think my first load with this machine was 40% off using the factory settings and have adjusting it ever since with not too much luck.
Other monitor issues: Can not cut the 6 second header down alarm off. Distance counter is in miles, can not change to feet. I can not manually change swath width if I am in auto swath width mode. (All my other machine will allow this) If I have a major RPM issue with any of the moving parts, all I get is one weak double beep and a red indicator on the combine picture. No other audible warnings until I cut the rotor off and back on. (This is a big deal to me.) Heaven forbid I get off my seat without setting the parking brake on. The whole county will know with a constant loud alarm but if the clean grain auger was not welded properly at the factory and stopped turning it barely let's me know.

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