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Southern Minnesota
Early Ag Leader yield monitors used an assembly that bolted on under the cab and used a small chain which was connected to the feeder house. As the head was raised/lowered the chain changed the position of a potentiometer in the assembly. This assembly plugged into the clean grain/ground speed/height module.

This was the situation with my Deere 7720. With my newer Deere combines, the combines have been factory equipped with their own "Pot". A tee cable is inserted in between the OEM sensor and the combine cable. When I switched from a Deere 9650STS to my current 9770, the connector was different so I had to change it but otherwise I could reuse the same cable.

If your combine shows a change but the Ag Leader does not, there may be a problem with that cable. I also vaguely remember something about a channel choice that didn't seem to pertain to me. Hopefully someone with your exact combine will reply about that.

Your Ag Leader is behaving as I would expect without the height information. You need this to work.

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