AgLeader In Command 1200 Reference layer
Busted Knuckles
Posted 9/25/2022 11:36 (#9860382 - in reply to #9854211)
Subject: RE: AgLeader In Command 1200 Reference layer

Southeast Minnesota

[email protected] - 9/21/2022 10:11 I remember seeing a post about this on the Ag Leader portal, let me see if I can find it... ---------------------------------------- In version 7.0 of InCommand FW, if a reference map from a previous operation is loaded using the As-Applied Attribute (Figure 1), the reference map will not be displayed on the screen. However, AutoSwath will still function properly and control as if the reference layer is present. What To Do In situations where seeing the map is required, load the reference layer as “Coverage” rather than “As-Applied” (Figure 2). The map will then be displayed and AutoSwath will also function. This issue will be addressed in the next InCommand firmware release. NOTE: If selected, AutoSwath will work as expected when loading the reference in both states; “As-Applied & Coverage”. Logged data will also be recorded as expected and will display properly when imported into AgFiniti or SMS. ----------------------------------------- Found it, that should answer your question!

Man this issue gave me problems with spraying this year.  What a pain.  Good to know there is a fix. 

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