John Deere liquid rate controller
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Subject: RE: John Deere liquid rate controller

Southern Minnesota
The TeeJet valves do NOT control the flow. They shut ON/OFF the sections. They should be either fully open or fully closed.

The butterfly valve with the 2123 on it controls the flow rate. It contains a butterfly which is partially open during normal operation. Unplug the two wire connector from the control valve. Wire it to a separate 12V battery. Unless the control valve is at the end of its stroke (closed or mostly open), you should hear the motor run for a while and then it should stop. Reverse the wires to the valve and you should be able to hear it again. It should run for 8 seconds and then stop. Reversing the wires again should cause it to run for 8 seconds in the other direction again. If this happens, the control valve is good.

Plug the control valve back into the system try this in manual with the controller. Pushing Increase or Decrease should change the flow rate. If this is works but backwards then you need to make a setting change in the setup or cut the wires and swap them.

With a Raven system you would enter 700 for the meter cal. With the Deere system you would enter 700 or 70.0 depending on another setting.
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