JD 640 loader salvage?
Mark in NEMO
Posted 8/4/2022 18:39 (#9780663 - in reply to #9778857)
Subject: RE: JD 640 loader salvage?

Northeast Missouri
Looks like I'm opting for doing the shop work...all I could find is that somebody wants about $1300 for a used mast. (Surely new, at Koyker, wouldn't be less.)

My general comment about the 640 loaders: I've never had any other loader that has had as many structural problems/weaknesses as this one. I'm the 2nd owner, so maybe the 1st guy abused it? Anyway it has developed cracks & had to be fixed in too many places. (You can see one of my repairs as a weld around the top SL arm pin in one of the pic's.)

Having this mast break out at the bottom is just one more example of a tool that was build too light for the up-to-85-hp. MFWD tractors it was designed for.

I think a *universal problem* with these loaders is that the rod which connects the R & L sides of the "tabs" that pick up/rock the bucket gets loose so that the tabs aren't aligned when you go to pick up a bucket or other tool, requiring more fooling around than it ought to.

Oh well, off to the shop to weld, beat, and hack my way to a repair!

Thanks for all the comments & leads.
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