Legacy vs Z2 Steercommand
Posted 8/6/2022 12:52 (#9783267 - in reply to #9783188)
Subject: RE: Concerning my switch to Steady Steer

Southern Minnesota
I suspect that connecting the mass flow sensor will do the trick. I got the impression in some of my playing around on the bench that if any combine module is found on the CAN bus that the system assumes you are in a combine and behaves accordingly. I guess it would be extremely unusual to have a combine module on anything but a combine.

I'm still a bit confused on the measurements section. My salesman told be there is a page with detailed defaults for my combine. I just winged it and typed in some ballpark figures for my first calibration. Later I found a screen that had some very precise measurements for the wheel base etc. for each model of combine.

I mapped tile lines with my first Ag Leader PF3000 in a 7720 combine. Now I map them with my Ranger and setup a basic planting configuration so that I can use different varieties as the names of the tile line sizes. Guess if I tried using the combine now, I would have to lie and say it was another vehicle so I could create the workaround planting configuration.

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