Ag Leader insight issue
Posted 7/28/2022 08:08 (#9769686 - in reply to #9769567)
Subject: RE: Ag Leader insight issue

East Central, Nebraska
when you say '6000 beacon' do you mean agleader GPS6000?

if yes then.... agleader gps' typically just work when it comes to different agleader displays but it may be necessary to have someone with a newer agleader display go in and change the baud rate so the insight can digest the information it is being sent. i don't really remember having to do this on agleader branded gps devices but i have had to do it under almost every other circumstance feeding gps to an insight from a non ageader branded gps. if this were the case it would only take a few seconds to fix after you find someone with say an incommand to plug it in and push the buttons.

edit: after rereading your post, you say it worked for small grains? so this particular setup was used in the same vehicle since small grains and the gps has not been moved to a different display? if nothing has changed since then i would start trying to track down some more broke wires, the next thing i would do is take the gps to a different display to see how it reacts on that. preferably an insight.

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