Fence Building
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Subject: RE: Fence Building

northeast ohio
If your terrain is rolling are either of the displays paired with a steering system with compensation? What level accuracy are you running on the CFX750? Will the fence be absolutely straight or curved at any point? How critical is the even spacing board vs woven/HT?

I believe there is a setting for outputting a distance signal, but could not find it in the user guide. This feature is used for tasks such as tree planting. Alternatively, if your fence is straight, then you will drive and set a straight A to B line between corner posts. Then on return to A this guidance line (fence line) mark the center on the ground somehow. Then back a point A corner post set another guidance line at that is 90 degrees or whatever the intersecting fence is with a swath width equal to your post spacing. As you manually drive back the original AB line setting the posts the second AB intersections will be your locations. If you are marking from a reference point such a hitch or using a digger or driver you can shift the second AB line to the appropriate distance to effectively offset from the antenna for post locations. This offset will work in one direction. If the original AB line is curved then the post spacing won’t be exactly equal on the curve sections.

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