AB guidance on the cheap?
Posted 7/27/2022 15:20 (#9768789 - in reply to #9767952)
Subject: RE: AB guidance on the cheap?

North Central Iowa
As others have posted, there are “roll you own” systems being developed. I haven’t looked into those much myself, other than reading some on here about them and checked out a few websites. Seems like these are for those that have the time and interest, with enough technical capability. Probably the least expensive, particularly if your time is cheap. As someone else posted, might be a nice winter project to work through.

The other option is start looking for used stuff that is 10+ years old. And maybe you have that already (I’m not very familiar with JDs gps stuff). So whether Trimble, ag leader, Outback, or JD, probably can get find something pretty reasonable. $1,000 plus or minus $500 for what you might looking at using it for. Can check eBay, Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or the agtalk classifieds.

If you have a $ figure in mind, people could probably make some specific suggestions.
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