Doyle fertilizer cart with Ag Leader controller
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Subject: RE: Doyle fertilizer cart with Ag Leader controller

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Here's some thoughts that although I believe to be correct may only confuse the issue.

Concerning PWM frequency: I've generally seen values around 100.

Gain: Gain refers to how "quickly" the system reacts to a change in the flow rate necessary to achieve the target rate. . This might be due to a change in ground speed or target rate. If the gain is too low, the system eventually "gets there" but is slower in doing so than you desire. On the other hand if the gain is too high, the system may tend to overreact and get into an oscillation or Yo-Yo effect. I'd stick with the default.

PWM zero flow offset: This is a value that will keep the control valve partially open. The correct setting is the value where the bed or metering rolls are on the edge of starting to turn. The idea is that when you shut the system off, some oil still flows but not enough to turn the bed. That way when you turn it back ON, the bed will start moving right away. This value should be low enough that the bed does not turn even when empty. Sometimes a bed will like to creep when there is no load on it. I've seen some situations where a type of brake was installed to prevent this creep. The Ag Leader will complain if the bed turns when it believes it should be stopped. This alarm may go off if the bed creeps slightly when empty and off. In a few cases, I've seen where a relay was used to break the signal from the shaft encoder to prevent this alarm. This was wired so the signal from the encoder line was broken when the Master was OFF.

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