Auto or assisted steering on Deere 9770 combine
Posted 7/30/2022 07:34 (#9772429 - in reply to #9769577)
Subject: Progress report

Southern Minnesota
I got everything installed and performed a full calibration which seemed to go as expected but will redo with more precise measurements. After the calibration procedure said it was complete, I planned on setting an AB line and playing with it. My idea was to try to get a feel for how far offline I could engage and the general feeling for how it was going to work in actual harvest conditions. I was in a hay field without a head and had some room to play.

I could not choose a combine configuration because I always remove the mass flow sensor to prevent mouse damage so the configuration is not allowed without the module. I tried choosing Guidance as I thought this would allow me to test with the combine. I was not successful with that either. Maybe you can't use Guidance only with a combine. After doing some other bench testing for a different project, I get the feeling that if the system detects a combine type module on the CAN bus it prevents you from doing things you might do with a tractor or sprayer. I'll try to temporarily install the mass flow sensor on the CAN bus in the combine and try again. This will allow me to choose an actual combine configuration and maybe I will be able to test then.

I want to be reasonably certain that it is going to work for harvest before I move the InCommand 1200 and TerraStar subscribed GPS back to the Hagie for fungicide spraying next week. I'm not so sure I'm going to like my Harbor Freight Foot switch to engage and may make another harness for a finger push button switch.

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