Auto or assisted steering on Deere 9770 combine
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Southern Minnesota
Thanks for the reply and the fuse size clarification. I still thinking about getting high current power from the Deere Power Strip. I thought I could get the activation branch powered from a key switched terminal on the power strip also but maybe the activation circuit doesn't work the way I think.

Just for clarification: I assume the high current power branch is just that - high current to actually run the motor etc. I'm uncertain of the purpose of the activation branch. Is it just to "wake up" the SMU when the display is turned ON or is it involved with engaging steering?

My first thought was that it was just to alert the SMU that the display is ON and to "wake up". Put another way: Must the activation branch have power to it to operate or is it a remote engage branch? If the activation branch is not connected to anything, can the system operate?

Is there a separate remote engage harness? I assume that the steering can be engaged by a steering icon on the display but I think I would prefer a remote momentary switch such as all my other steering systems use. Possibly that is part of the harness for the other port which I do not have.

My assumption was that one would start the combine, turn on the display and Steer Command. The activation wire would be 12V allowing the Steer Command to come to life. An AB line would be created and steering could be engaged by the screen icon. I see no connection in what I have to allow a remote engage switch to engage the steering in actual use meaning I would be forced to use the screen icon.

Sorry for all the questions.

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