Auto or assisted steering on Deere 9770 combine
Posted 7/25/2022 18:34 (#9765949 - in reply to #9765921)
Subject: RE: Auto or assisted steering on Deere 9770 combine

Southern Minnesota
Thanks for the replies. Right or wrong I decided to go with Steady Steer. My combine is an older 9770 and would require the cobbled up steering position sensor from Ag Leader had I gone with hydraulic auto steer. I would not have been able to use my other Steer Command Z2 module since mine is a stripped down model made during the parts shortage. Mine only works with a CAN system which is fine on my Deere tractor but would not be on the combine.

The dealer had the Steady Steer kit which I took with me. I need the anti rotational piece for my combine which hopefully is available. The kit for mounting the module may need to be fabricated if not available.

Since my combine has an old Insight cable with adapter on it, I will need to add in a branch off the relay to trigger/activate the Steady Steer unit. This shouldn't be too difficult.

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