Laptop for new college student
Posted 7/25/2022 07:28 (#9765159 - in reply to #9755611)
Subject: RE: Laptop for new college student

East central Iowa

WildBuckwheat - 7/18/2022 20:56 Chrome, outlook, and Microsoft Office are all basic programs that any low spec-ed laptop can run. Your phone can run all those things, but you want a big screen and mouse and keyboard. My advice would be to get something with a screen, weight, and battery life you are comfortable with and don't overthink it or overspend it.

Best advice.  My son graduated at the top of his computer science class using a low end computer. Too many people waste money on computers buying expensive big name stuff and then use it for emails, searching the web or writing papers.  Something that any inexpensive computer can do with aplomb, especially todays computers which are orders of magnitude more powerful than the 4.77mhz pc's of the 80's.

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