Thought I needed a toy
Little papa
Posted 7/3/2022 08:22 (#9731608)
Subject: Thought I needed a toy

Hooker Twp,Ne
So this ole man broke down and bought a Dji mini 3 pro with the screen controller. Have had it about a week and been playing with it . Finally starting to figure out how to take some pics and video. Watched a few YouTube videos on what do to but when I try to bring a video to my iPad the storage is always to full. Even after I deleted some apps and pictures. But I’m not real computer savvy and will probably finally figure it out shortly. Well here are a couple pics I took. I was a quarter from drone when I took these pics.

(1042C192-40EA-42B5-AB29-AE5C936CF3EB (full).png)

(2E59B939-F832-4831-9CBA-3EE89AADAD87 (full).png)

Attachments 1042C192-40EA-42B5-AB29-AE5C936CF3EB (full).png (153KB - 70 downloads)
Attachments 2E59B939-F832-4831-9CBA-3EE89AADAD87 (full).png (191KB - 75 downloads)
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