Hagie sprayer with in command 1200 section control question
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Subject: RE: Hagie sprayer with in command 1200 section control question

Southern Minnesota
It will be very helpful to know if your Hagie is using a servo hydraulic valve to control pump speed, a PWM valve to control pump speed or a butterfly valve in the spray line to control the rate and the pump runs a constant speed.

Mine is old and uses a hydraulic servo valve. Yours is newer and may used a PWM valve. Knowing what you have will make a difference in our advice.

You ask if it would be best to slow down prior to reaching the headland so the system will have adjusted for the slower speed that it will be moving when you start spraying again. I would say YES, slow down prior to the Headland, let auto swath shut the booms OFF, shut the Master OFF, turn around, turn the Master back ON, allow auto swath to actually turn the booms back ON and then speed up.

Shutting off the Master Manually won't change the over pressure problem but may prevent other "surprises" such as if the outer section of the outer boom passes over unsprayed ground and the system turns that section back on for a bit and then turns it back off when the outer section is completely back in the Headland.

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