Need help deciding on sprayer. Patriot 4440. Deere 4060
Posted 5/14/2022 15:41 (#9660289)
Subject: Need help deciding on sprayer. Patriot 4440. Deere 4060

My jd 4940 sprayer with 1900 hrs. The hydro is getting replaced unexpectedly. I really don't want to keep it any longer, only reason I didn't trade was I couldn't find anything I wanted. My local case dealer has a 2018 4440 with 1100 hrs. It's in very good shape. 1200 gallon tank and 120 foot. Aim command. Brand new Michelin 620 tires. They are allowing 135 for mine fixed and repaired. Asking 290 for machine. So 165 to boot. I have a little anxiety buying with 1100 hrs as I bought my 4940 with 790. But I could trade in 4 years and I'd be about the same. The only thing it doesn't have is a 1600 gallon tank. But for 8000 that can be remedied as well. This machine is ready to go now and I can get it Monday. And it's time to roll.

2nd option 2020 r4060 with 550 hrs. 1600 gallon tank no exact apply. Warranty till 2026. Asking 430. They would need to at least match the 135. Still financing 300k. Hard pill for me to swallow but that machine would get me 6 -7 years before 2000 hrs and the full warranty till 2026 is huge. I'm familiar with the deeres already and the r series I know is a huge upgrade to mine. But the 50k a year payment is a tough one and thata for 7 years. I could put more money down too if need be.
Machine isn't available till june. So that doesn't help.

I cover around 20k acres a year, sometimes more sometimes less.

I have an offer to buy my 4940 for at least 150k. they discounted the red one down to 285 if I buy outright.

I'm not scared to jump ship to red, but I have to admit up until now the deere has been super reliable. Also not a huge fan of the pro 700. But running the smallest risk of something going wrong with hydraulics and wheel motors makes me super nervous about keeping the 4940.

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